Mission, vision, our approach to business, and our direction in the future


CNPC shall endeavor to optimize the benefits of the “tree of life” through processing of coconuts husks and shell into value-added fibre, peat, chips and charcoal to support environment protection efforts and agriculture.


CNPC envisions a profitable business in coir production and a self-reliant marginalized segment of the society, initially in the coconut-producing province of Quezon and subsequently in other areas within the Philippines.


Our Approach to Business

  • We organize village-level husks processing sites by putting back into operation those decorticating machines once distributed before in Quezon by the Philippine Coconut Authority through the Department of Agrarian Reform.
  • We developed the “cluster-concept” wherein the coco fiber outputs from these sites are brought to our consolidation plant in Gumaca, Quezon for reprocessing prior to export.
  • We operate and maintain bigger CNPC-owned decorticating and pressing machines to support the outputs of these smaller sites.
  • We train cooperatives and villages for coconets weaving. We fund their operation and buy the coconets thay they produce.
  • We buy coconut charcoal from various countryside organizations for export.

Our Business Direction

  • In partnership with various institutions, continue to undertake researches and studies on optimizing the use of coir products to support environmental protection efforts and agriculture.
  • Consistent with its vision of helping the marginalized sectors of the society, continue organizing livelihood programs through coconut husks processing that would create a difference in the lives of the workers.
  • Work with the Coir Technical Working Group of Quezon to support its thrust to make the coir industry as the anchor industry of the province.
  • Aim to make Quezon as the coir capital of the Philippines and the Philippines the coir capital of the world.

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